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What's in the ``State of Social Media Monthly`` Report and Why Should I Care?

The Basics of the State of Social Media Conference Call

During the conference call,

  • Attention Trader Practitioners
  • Influencers
  • Bloggers
  • Digital Marketing Analysts
  • Social Media Analysts

call in to listen to hear the latest reports of politics, culture, platform policies, platform algorithms and demographic trends are impacting  the business of social media for the recently completed month.

The State of Social Media report is your resource to stay “in-the-know” to guide your social media businesses and remain aware of opportunities as they unfold for either your audience aggregation and/or revenue capture campaigns.

How the State of Social Media Call Works

The Conference call begins with the conference’s host, who introduces the Momensity Expert Mentor team, whom has completed the research, experimentation and analysis over the last 30 days.  The call usually contains “future-looking statements” in the form of predictions about the future of social media (which is always uncertain) in addition to the 30 day review.


Disclaimer: Momensity would like to remind you that the future looking statements, are predictive and participants are reminded not to assume that everything discussed in the call will happen for certain.


The next item of importance is the raw platform algorithm data, such as reported and/or projected changes. Momensity Expert Mentors typically reports the key algorithm findings as a result of testing for the last month and press releases posted by each platform, summarizing the per platform findings and augmenting it with commentary. Much of the information presented in this portion of the call is readily available in the Momensity Algorithm Releases.


The Momensity Expert Mentor team provide an overview of all the major issues that affected the ‘s performance during the last quarter. Discussions often also cover what can be expected from the company in upcoming quarters.

A conference call generally ends with a question and answer period, when analysts and social media practitioners can ask informed questions regarding the State of Social Media. Most analysts and social media practitioners agree this is probably the most important part of the entire conference call, as analysts are able to pose questions to management about any area of the social media’s findings and experimentation performance that wasn’t clear or that requires elaboration.


As an individual practitioner, you probably won’t get to ask your own personal questions. Keep in mind that there are often thousands of people on a conference call and it would be impossible for the Momensity Expert Mentors to answer everybody. However, if you listen to all of the analysts’ questions, your question will most likely be answered and, more than likely, analysts will ask questions you never considered.

What to Listen for on the Call

Even though conference calls are live events, the discussion from the beginning of the call is mostly a recap of platform press releases. Remember that experimental findings analysis give a snapshot only of how the social discovery algorithms are responding to Momensity Standard tests did in the last 30 days. The analysis and projections in a conference call tell you how each platform is doing currently and how the Momensity Expert Mentor team expects performance to be in the future. Significant deviations in performance from previous estimates or material revisions of future estimates are key details to be concerned with, and it’s a good idea to listen to Expert Mentor’s commentary regarding them.


Listening to all the analysts’ questions can provide you with great insight into any major concerns professional social media practitioners have about the specific platforms.

NOTE: The analysts’ questions are neither rehearsed, nor submitted before the conference call.

More than anything, conference calls can be used to get a summary judgement of  social media as an industry and the politics, policies & algorithms, demographic trends and emerging platforms. You can read about many of these topics by researching all the platforms and news and press releases, but why do that when we have done it for you and add valuable experimentation data to our findings.

How to Listen to the Calls

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The Bottom Line

Next time you listen to the State of Social Media conference call, the key is to distinguish between what is strictly boilerplate conference call speak and what is useful information. The more calls you listen to, the better you will get at deciphering them. Although there is a lot of information in the conference call that can be easily accessed elsewhere, the call can also yield important tidbits of information — especially in the question and answer period — that can help you learn more about a potential attention investment on particular platforms.

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Monthly Call Format:

  1. Usually a 4 hour phone call
  2. Covers the last 30 days of Social Media Industry, Politics and News as what is pertinent and possibly impactful to your social media businesses
  3. Attention Trader Impact Analysis Report
  4. SM Platforms Culture Updates
  5. Attention Trader Market Assessments and Speculative Reports for upcoming 30 days
  6. Influencer Marketing Assessments
  7. Questions are allowed at the end of the call 1 hour or sometimes more
  8. Questions that are left unanswered during the call will be answered in the proper Community Forums.

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