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Workshop Series – Momensity Power Ups

The Next Weekly Power Up Call is in:

What is Momensity Power Up and Why Should I Attend?

Your Weekly Momensity PowerUp Call is a time to have fun, get inspired and Power Up with the entire Momensity community.


This 2 hour call is designed to not only be a resource to have your questions answered about the Accelerator, Attention Day Trader Dashboard and the business of Social Media; but also be your power station to be inspired by other community members succeeding through adversity, re-igniting that fire in your belly to push through the daily obstacles and most importantly make you aware of opportunities to grow your revenue base.

 Community Spotlight

Juggling life gets easier when you have perspective.

Listen in as fellow Momensity Members  share testimonials from the prior week on how they are balancing time, balancing their mind, and forging ahead to apply the Momensity Way to earn revenue.



 Opportunity Outlook

Keeping an eye to the horizon.

Expert Momensity Mentors are generating revenue from day trading attention right out there with you. Listen in to their picks and strategies to capture and monetize attention in the coming week and weeks.



 The Weekly Q& A

Your Questions will be answered.

Below you can submit as many questions as you’d like to be answered during this coming week’s call. Any questions we do not have the opportunity to answer during the allotted time will be answered in the Momensity forums.



The Momensity

Fired Up and Ready to Conquer the Week

Your moment of intensity, your “Momensity” is building and we will tap into it together and guide it to

Conquer your fears and clarify your wants



Register for Your Momensity Power Up Call

Please submit as many questions as you have for this week in your training.


  1. The call is about 2 Hours
  2. Frequently asked questions or popular submissions will be answered during the call
  3. Unique questions will be answered during the call
  4. Unanswered questions from this week will be answered in the proper Community Forums

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